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An international event to promote and celebrate the art of pinhole photography by encouraging people throughout the world to make a simple pinhole photograph and share their visions on this web site..The pinhole camera the camera without a lens. Information about the simplest image creating device, its history, sample photographs and the PinholeDesigner program to help you with the necessary calculations..Grab some scissors, tin foil, a piece of thick card stock or paper , tape, and a needle. Cut a hole in the middle of one sheet of card stock, tape the edges of a tin foil section over it, then carefully pierce the center of the foil with the needle presto, you’ve made a pinhole camera..A pinhole camera is a simple camera without a lens but with a tiny aperture, a pinhole effectively a light proof box with a small hole in one side. Light from a scene passes through the aperture and projects an inverted image on the opposite side of the box, which is known as the camera obscura effect..[An earlier version of this article is available at in the USA. An abridged Russian version . The Russian version may also be downloaded in pdf format. The history section has been translated into Spanish Fotograf a estenopeica The history section, slightly abridged, has also been translated into Portuguese Stenoptik .The Beginners Guide to Pinhole Photography [Jim Shull] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Pinhole photography requires no camera, no lenses, and no focusing just a tiny hole in a can or box provides the light to make images on photographic film or paper. Richly illustrated with pinhole photographs.The Pinhole Camera is a practical how to manual forpinhole cameras and images.The techniques contained here are not difficult to master, and soon you will find yourself constructing your own cameras andwonderful, innovative images.. Designing the camera is a simple process if you know the steps involved, and the relationship between various measurements and calculations. The smallest and most difficult to control element of the camera is the pinhole itself..Camera obscura plural camera obscura or camera obscuras from Latin, meaning “dark room” camera ” vaulted chamber or room,” and obscura “darkened, dark” , also referred to as pinhole image, is the natural optical phenomenon that occurs when an image of a scene at the other side of a screen or for instance a wall is projected .Optics, science concerned with the genesis and propagation of light, the changes that it undergoes and produces, and other phenomena closely associated with it.There are two major branches of optics, physical and geometrical. Physical optics deals primarily with the nature and properties of light itself..

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